Additional conservation actions

12. Additional conservation actions

Often, businesses seek to invest in conservation interventions for features above and beyond those impacted by their own activities. This could be because there is geographic proximity between the company and the KBA, for example, or some connection between the company and the biodiversity elements for which a given KBA is important. Actions to safeguard the biodiversity for which a given KBA is important therefore provide a highly desirable focus for such corporate social responsibility.


How can the World Database of Key Biodiversity AreasTM help? The World Database of Key Biodiversity AreasTM provides spatial data on the location of KBAs (which could be compared to, for instance, the locations of a business’s headquarters, key points in its supply chain, or its major markets) and tabular data on the biodiversity for which the site is important (which could be searched for, say, species represented in a business’s name or logo). Once KBAs where a business is interested in focusing such corporate social responsibility have been identified, the documentation of conservation actions ‘ongoing’ or ‘required’ at each of these KBAs can guide what kind of actions would be most appropriate for such investment.


Case study: Reptile conservation in the Caribbean