KBA Committee

The KBA Committee is the highest level decision-making body of the KBA Programme. It oversees the development and implementation of the KBA Strategic Plan and makes strategic decisions to enhance the implementation of the KBA Programme. The KBA Committee also oversees joint fundraising efforts by the KBA Partners, the allocation of funds raised, the promotion of KBAs and the KBA brand.

The members of the KBA Committee are the following:

  • Six voting positions are assigned to the KBA Partners (two permanent and four rotating positions)
  • One voting position is held by the Chair of the KBA Community
  • The appointed KBA Committee Chair is not normally a voting position, but in the event of a tie, he/she has the casting vote.
  • Non-voting positions are allocated to the Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, the Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, a representative of the Global Environmental Facility and the Regional Representatives of the KBA Community
  • On invitation by the Chair, Chairs of any subsidiary bodies of the KBA Committee, the Chair of the KBA Standards and Appeals Committee, the manager of the World Database of KBAs and the KBA Website, and any other staff members of the KBA Secretariat may also attend as observers
  • The Head of the KBA Secretariat will serve as secretary to the KBA Committee meetings
  • The KBA Partners that are not members of the KBA Committee may attend all Committee meetings as non-voting observers.

The KBA Committee normally meets twice a year.

Contact: Simon Stuart - KBA Committee Chair (chair.kba.committee@keybiodiversityareas.org)