KBA National Coordination Groups

One of the principles of the KBA Programme is the strong involvement of local experts and stakeholders and in the identification and documentation of KBAs. To ensure the coordination and collaboration of national experts representing different taxonomic groups and biodiversity elements it is recommended to establish National Coordination Groups (NCGs) working towards the development of a single, coherent list of KBAs in each country. The work of the NCG should be guided primarily by scientific considerations.

Membership of the NCG may include NGOs, scientific institutions, relevant government departments and agencies, private sector organizations and indigenous people and local communities. The NCG may act as a proposer of KBAs or as a reviewer of proposals made by independent experts within or outside the country. The NCG may also decide to coordinate activities between different stakeholders to promote the conservation and management of KBAs at the national level.

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Terms of Reference for National KBA Coordination Groups