KBA Technical Working Group

The KBA Technical Working Group reports to the KBA Committee and is responsible for ensuring consistency across and developing improvements in, KBA assessments, including in the application of A Global Standard for the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas, the delineation and monitoring of KBAs, the documentation (tabular, spatial and textual) submitted and the use of the World Database of KBAs to facilitate this. In particular, the KBA Technical Working Group seeks to ensure that the KBA identification, documentation and monitoring efforts of the KBA Partners are implemented in a consistent manner.

The Chair/Co-Chairs of the KBA Technical Working Group is/are appointed by the KBA Committee. The membership of the KBA Technical Working Group is appointed by the Chair/Co-Chairs of the Working Group (guided by advice from the KBA Committee) and comprises up to 16 individuals representing the KBA Partners, SSC and WCPA, and, if needed, other experts. The KBA Technical Working Group meets as often as required, within available resources (ad hoc, specialized meetings may be held from time to time to address particular issues).

The current Co-Chairs of the TWG are: Penny Langhammer, Amphibian Survival Alliance/Global Wildlife Conservation and Paul Donald, BirdLife International.


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KBA Technical Working Group Terms of Reference