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Monitoring KBAs

With many thousands of KBAs identified it becomes increasingly hard to monitor their status. A simple KBA monitoring protocol is under development that can be used by people who visit a site and know the species or ecosystems that trigger KBA status. We encourage individuals or organisations, including businesses and government who are undertaking environmental impact assessments or similar surveys as part of their environmental scoping, to include the monitoring of KBAs in the vicinity of their activities, applying this standard monitoring protocol which will be developed by mid-2021. Monitoring data can be submitted for a site through the KBA portal here.

The KBA Partnership is present or partnering with organisations and individuals in most countries to help conserve KBAs, particularly those that are under threat. Individuals concerned about threats to a particular KBA are encouraged to report these initially to their KBA National Coordination Group and KBA Partners in country. If these are not present, then contact the KBA Secretariat.