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Forming KBA National Coordination Groups

The role of KBA National Coordination Groups (KBA NCGs), with recommendations on how they should be composed and how they should operate, is described here. Here we summarize how people can get involved in their formation.

KBA NCGs generally comprise members from three main areas: 1. Government, 2. conservation community, and 3. the scientific community who are experts on the distribution and abundance of different taxonomic groups. Individuals from any of these groups can help catalyze the formation of a KBA NCG in their country by holding a meeting (or series of meetings) to build knowledge about KBAs and garner interest in participating in a KBA NCG. Training materials Module 1 gives a powerpoint summary of what KBAs are and how they are being used globally which could be modified for such presentations.

Once sufficient interest is built, it then helps to have a meeting to develop an agreed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the KBA NCG and to elect a chair and secretary who will be responsible for calling meetings and joint fundraising with members. A draft TOR and more detailed guidance is provided below which can be modified by the KBA NCG to make it more nationally appropriate.

Main Document:

Terms of Reference for National KBA Coordination Groups

Guidance on forming KBA National Coordination Groups