Seymour Iguana - A Plumptre, KBA


The KBA Programme is ambitious, aiming to ensure that all countries around the world have made a comprehensive assessment of their KBAs for at least 4-5 taxonomic groups in the next 10 years. This requires financing for both national and international aspects of the programme:

National level funding

  1. To establish and support KBA National Coordination Groups to make national KBA assessments across a country for multiple taxonomic groups.
  2. To monitor existing KBAs and reassess them against the KBA Global Standard
  3. To help conserve existing and newly identified KBAs.
  4. To support development of National Spatial Plans that incorporate KBAs and are integrated through cross-sectoral planning across government institutions, using them to guide national land- and sea-use planning, while avoiding or otherwise minimising negative impacts on biodiversity.

International level funding

  1. To support the operations of the KBA Secretariat which underpins the global KBA programme. This includes supporting national processes with technical inputs, training, review of proposals and confirmation of sites in the World Database of KBAs.
  2. To support the development and maintenance of the World Database of KBAs and KBA website. Managing both the KBA assessment and monitoring data are critical to support application of the KBAs and syntheses of the data.
  3. To enable engagement with international processes so that KBAs support Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and enable achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Funding will not come from one large source but will need to be raised nationally and internationally from a variety of sources. Achieving the goal of mapping the most important places on earth will only be possible if many people engage in raising funding for these actions. Anyone interested in helping raise funding for either country or international KBA conservation should contact the head of the KBA Secretariat here.