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KBA Annual Report Published for 2021

7th October 2022

The KBA Partners have released their annual report for 2021. In this document you can read about new developments in the World Database of Key Biodiversity Areas together with new tools that have been developed to help KBA Proposers apply the KBA criteria.

South Africa show how the national assessments are being made in these countries and the reports shows the increasing engagement by countries around the world in identifying, mapping, monitoring and conserving KBAs. Data from country National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans shows increasing use of, and spatial planning incorporating KBAs. In 2021 the KBA Partnership, one of the largest conservation partnerships established, celebrated its first five years together and renewed its commitment to another five years of working together to identify and conserve these sites of global importance for biodiversity. Collectively the partnership contributed $4.2 million USD to KBA identification and monitoring in 2021..

The annual report can be downloaded from here.

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