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New Co-Chairs of KBA Partnership Committee appointed

12th November 2020

The KBA Partnership has appointed two new Co-Chairs of the KBA Committee: Dr Naomi Kingston and Dr Alberto Yanosky. Naomi works with the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) in Cambridge UK as Head of Operations and brings a wealth of experience in conservation of sites from her time working for the government of Ireland, subsequently working with UN and other governmental agencies in various roles in WCMC and experience with the management of the Protected Planet database. Alberto is an advisor on international affairs of Guyra Paraguay, Chair of the Paraguayan IUCN Committee, Manager of Sustainable Development of CYTED, and an International consultant mainly working as specialist on Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) for the World Bank Group. He has more than 30 years of experience working in the Americas supporting conservation across south and central America, representing the KBA community for this region and serving as a BirdLife International Council Member, applying his experiences globally. Both bring a wealth of expertise to help guide the KBA programme.

We also thank Dr Simon Stuart who steps down as chair of the KBA Committee. He led the establishment of the KBA Programme and KBA Secretariat following the formation of the KBA Partnership in 2016, and has been instrumental in guiding the KBA programme over the past 4 years. His ability to bring together the diverse set of interests and skills found within the partnership and harness that energy to drive the programme has meant that KBAs are becoming recognised as the standard by which to judge sites of global importance for biodiversity.

Dr Simon Stuart

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