Connétable - Marine, French Guiana

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KBA status: confirmed

Rationale for qualifying as KBA: This site qualifies as a Key Biodiversity Area of international significance that meets the thresholds for at least one criterion described in the Global Standard for the Identification of KBAs.

Global KBA criteria: B1, D1a
Year of assessment: 2012
National site name: Connétable - Marine
Central coordinates: Lat: 4.56 Long: -51.99
System: Marine
Altitude (m): 0 to 0
Area of KBA (ha): 409,535
Protected area coverage (%): 10

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Year of compilation: 2012
Site description:

This Marine IBA is identified using seaward extensions around breeding colonies. It originates from the French Guiana Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and falls within the Atlantic, Southwest FAO ocean region. The site covers an area of 4069 km2 and is 22 km away from the closet coastline. The depth ranges from 0 to 43 m, with a mean annual wind speed of 1.59 m/s and mean annual sea surface temperature falls between 26.61 and 27.89 °C.

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