Connemara Bogs (south-east), including Roundstone Bog, Ireland

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KBA status: confirmed

Rationale for qualifying as KBA: This site qualifies as a Key Biodiversity Area of international significance that was identified using previously established criteria and thresholds for the identification of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and for which available data indicate that it does not meet global KBA criteria and thresholds set out in the Global Standard.

Global KBA criteria:
Year of assessment: 2009
National site name: Connemara Bogs (south-east), including Roundstone Bog
Central coordinates: Lat: 53.38 Long: -9.78
System: Terrestrial, Freshwater
Altitude (m): 20 to 300
Area of KBA (ha): 49
Protected area coverage (%): 100

Text account

Year of compilation: 2009
Site description:

Roundstone bog is a complex of lakes, rocky outcrops and lowland Atlantic blanket bog. Rocky outcrops and variations in topography have resulted in a complexity of peatland plant communities, making the site of particular conservation interest. The site includes Lough Scannive (83 ha) which was treated as an IBA (formerly IE044) in the previous pan-European inventory (Grimmett and Jones 1989). The site has been extended substantially (since 2009) to include a much wider area, comprising a large area of blanket bog and abundant lakes north and northwest of Spiddle, in west Galway. The bedrock geology is of various Galway granites. Much of the area is lowland Atlantic blanket bog, which is greater than one metre in dept in most places, and is surrounded by rocky outcrops. The lakes and lagoons display considerable variation in size, depth and salinity and result in a diverse array of floral and faunal communities.

Summary of threats to biodiversity at KBA:

The main damaging operations and threats in the site are peat cutting, overgrazing and afforestation. Extensive mechanised peat extraction is common in the region and, on a smaller scale, peat cutting by hand occurs. As is the case with many similar sites, afforestation is a considerable threat. It impacts on habitat uniformity, lake and river catchments and nesting and foraging habitats for birds. Overgrazing and poaching by sheep and cattle is a prevalent within the region, leading to the erosion of peat.


IUCN Habitat Coverage level Coverage % Habitat detail
5. Wetlands (inland) - 71-80% Blanket bogs | Standing freshwater

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