Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape, Philippines

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KBA status: confirmed

Rationale for qualifying as KBA: This site qualifies as a Key Biodiversity Area of international significance because it meets one or more previously established criteria and thresholds for identifying sites of biodiversity importance (including Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, Alliance for Zero Extinction sites, and Key Biodiversity Areas) KBA identified in the CI/CEPF Conservation Outcomes booklet for the Philippines Hotspot (2006). Taxonomy, nomenclature and threat category follow the 2004 IUCN Red List.

Global KBA criteria:
Year of assessment: 2006
National site name: Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape
Central coordinates: Lat: 9.73 Long: 124.22
System: Terrestrial, Freshwater
Altitude (m): 200 to 800
Area of KBA (ha): 12,486
Protected area coverage (%): 87

Text account

Year of compilation: 2001
Site description:

Rajah Sikatuna National Park is about 8 km inland from the national road of Bilar, in the low mountain range in the south of the Bohol Island. Practically all of the significant forest on Bohol is inside this park, with only patches of intermingled plantations and dipterocarp forest elsewhere on the island. The park is characterised by rolling hills with remnant natural forest on steep limestone terrain, surrounded by plantation forest, deforested hills and grassland. Limestone (molave) forest covers c.60% of the park, grassland c.15%, forestry and agro-industrial plantations c.5%, and permanent agricultural areas c.10%. Four natural springs, the Logarita, Anislag, Mabugnao and Aghuban springs, flow down from the park and provide the water supply to the surrounding municipalities. There is a small settlement composed of approximately a hundred households, and about 10% of the park has been converted to agricultural land. The park is an attractive destination for tourists because of the chocolate hill formations, the heavily forested hills and the extensive network of good trails.

Summary of threats to biodiversity at KBA:

There are currently problems in Rajah Sikatuna National Park with the collection of firewood and rattans, the hunting and trapping of wildlife, and the clearance of the forest for kaingin in the eastern portion of the park, although these threats are being controlled by DENR.


IUCN Habitat Coverage level Coverage % Habitat detail
1. Forest - ;
14. Artificial - Terrestrial - ;

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