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KBA Community

The KBA Community is a body created to grant a voice and proper recognition to — and foster engagement with — individuals and organisations that actively support the development and implementation of the KBA Programme at the national and local level through providing data, and/or participating in the identification and monitoring of KBAs. Membership is open to individuals and institutions, from non-governmental organisations or governmental agencies, regardless of legal status. Members should preferably be working with KBAs locally or nationally. There is no membership fee.

Members of the KBA Community benefit by:

  • Having a voice in the governance of the KBA Programme, through the voting seat held by the KBA Community Chair on the KBA Committee (the main decision making body of the KBA Programme);
  • Having the opportunity to shape KBA training materials and benefit from them;
  • Taking part in training seminars on various aspects of the KBA Programme;
  • Having access to key KBA documentation, news, notifications and other information; and
  • Engaging with other members to share in lessons learned from the practical implementation of the KBA Standard, KBA delineation, and monitoring.

Members also have the responsibility to foster links with relevant local structures (e.g., National Coordination Groups), support and facilitate capacity building, contribute to the KBA vision, and act in accordance with the procedures and guidelines developed by the KBA Committee.

Membership will be managed through Google Groups. If you would like to join the KBA Community click Join.

The current chair and regional representatives of the KBA Community are:

Main Documents

Terms of Reference of the KBA Community

KBA Community Strategy

KBA Community Member Invitation Letter

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