A. Plumptre, KBA

The Programme

KBA Secretariat

The KBA Secretariat is responsible for centralized coordination activities (including supporting the KBA Committee, the KBA Consultative Forum and the KBA Community, coordination of joint fundraising and communication activities), management of the KBA Data, development and management of the World Database of KBAs and the KBA website, coordination of Regional Focal Points, and coordination of the process to confirm sites as KBAs.

The Head of the Secretariat is the senior manager of the KBA Secretariat, responsible for setting it up, leading on developing, planning and overseeing the implementation of its activities, and managing its financial and human resources. The chair’s responsibility is to ensure that the secretariat fulfills all of its functions in line with the vision and mission of the KBA Partnership and help the partnership drive forward the KBA Programme. The Head of the KBA Secretariat works in close collaboration with the chair of the KBA Committee and the KBA-focused staff members of the KBA Partners, including in particular BirdLife International and the IUCN as co-hosts of the KBA Secretariat.