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New KBA Guidelines v1.1 released

25th November 2020

A new version of the KBA Guidelines has been released. The KBA Guidelines explain in detail how to assess species and ecosystems against the criteria in the KBA Standard and how to delineate KBAs. The new version (Version 1.1) includes new sections on how to identify KBAs using distinct genetic diversity, quantitative analysis of irreplaceability, and geographically restricted assemblages. We plan to update the KBA Guidelines periodically, with frequent revisions expected in the first few years as experience in applying the KBA Standard grows. Future updates will be mostly clarifications and additions of detail rather than substantial changes. A summary of the main changes is provided in the final appendix. We value input from users — suggestions on how to improve the KBA Guidelines may be submitted to chair.kba.sac@keybiodiversityareas.org at any time.

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