B.J. Skerry, NatGeo WWF

Proposing/Updating KBAs


Several tools have been developed to help users propose a site as a KBA and support application of the KBA Global Standard and KBA Guidelines. Further guidance on the proposal process is provided in the KBA Proposal Process.

Where a proposer wants to apply criteria on threatened species (A1) or ecosystems (A2), they should use the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and IUCN Red List of Ecosystems accounts.

  1. KBA Single/multi-site Proposal form 1.1 that can be used to test data acquired for a site to ensure it meets the KBA criteria as well as help a proposer compile all the necessary documentation, available here. There is a video that helps guide the user through the form available here.
  2. List of Taxonomic groups: Criteria B2 and B3 are relevant to different taxonomic groups, available here.
  3. List of Range-restricted species: Criterion B2 requires two or more range restricted species to be present with at least 1% of their range at a site in order to trigger KBA status. For some taxonomic groups, more than two species are required. We provide a list here of all species that meet range-restricted status within each taxonomic group that has been assessed on the IUCN Red List, available here.
  4. Required and recommended documentation requirements – list of fields that specify what needs to be provided in a KBA proposal. All these fields are in the KBA Proposal form.
  5. List of species codes for WDKBA and IUCN Red List for species that trigger KBA status can be found here.