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Cemex and Re:wild launch new book about KBAs at World Conservation Congress

17th September 2021

A new book ‘Key Biodiversity Areas’ was launched at the World Conservation Congress. Published in the CEMEX Nature and Conservation Series, this volume showcases the splendour of Key Biodiversity Areas and their species and ecosystems with some amazing photographic images. Leading global experts explore different applications or implications of these sites in the fight to stop the global loss of biodiversity with stunning photographs that tell the stories of the sites themselves, and the species and ecosystems for which they are important. In 10 informative chapters, the authors discuss different applications of the KBA Program in the overall fight to stop the global loss of biodiversity, including the roles of national and regional governments, spatial planning, the KBA Standard and the World Database of KBAs, Sustainable Development Goals, the challenges of changing climatic conditions, and what the future holds for KBAs. As a blueprint for effectively conserving and scaling up action for our planet’s biodiversity, KBAs should be the foundation of ambitious global targets to conserve and protect the future of our planet’s terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems and species. We are grateful for CEMEX for their continued support to publicising the plight of biodiversity and the environment.

A PDF copy of the CEMEX 'Key Biodiversity Areas' book can be download here.

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